Yannick Michaud

I am a French Canadian photographer based in a small town outside of Montreal, Quebec. Saying that I love photography would be an understatement as I adore every facet of this technical art. I have been shooting commercial product and portrait assignments for 25 years.

Photography certainly changed my life and has brought me on a great adventure. I met a beautiful Danish classmate in the darkrooms of Dawson College and we were married by the end of our final semester. Turns out love can also be developed in a darkroom!

We moved to Copenhagen, Denmark and I worked in some of Scandinavia’s top studios. There I learned the “Scandinavian’ look to lighting and image creation which has always fascinated me as a photographer.

My client list was impressive as I quickly became known as a photographer with a speciality in the beauty care and cosmetic industry. I had Lancôme, L’Oreal and Givenchy as my main clients, and I did loads of assignments for magazines, brochures and major ad campaigns.

I returned to Canada in 2003 where a major camera company hired me to head the Technical department across North America. This gave me the opportunity to continue a new facet of my photographic adventure where I discovered life outside of a studio and learned to appreciate another genre of photography: wildlife.

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